BrewDog Outpost - Manchester

Industrial Glow heads up North

We were delighted to work on BrewDogs second Manchester location their epic Brewpub on Oxford Street.
We were asked to provide lighting to three zones in the new Brewpub combining a mixture of our original reclaimed lighting and two completely bespoke fixtures designed and manufactured in the Industrial Glow workshop.
Extreme "Rusted" Industrial Pendants With Prismatic Glass
Image by MatthewWalder2019 

Rusted Pendants

Selected from our original reclaimed lighting was our Extreme ''Rusted'' Industrial Pendants with Prismatic Glass a stunning reclaimed light from Eastern Europe constructed form cast steel which has received our rusting process which ties in beautifully with the BrewDog industrial decor softened with the original prismatic glass which omits a soft defused light perfect for the seating areas they have been used in.
Calex Long Filament Tubular LED Bulbs
Image by MatthewWalder2019

Bespoke Lighting

On the first floor of the Manchester bar we were asked to make a run of custom lights that would illuminate both the line of tables and the long walkway down the length of the area without imposing on the seating either side.
We created twenty three twin lamp lights manufactured from raw steel tube and custom laser cut mild steel perforated shades. The result was an eye catching linear lighting fixture incorporating forty six of our Calex Long Filament Tubular LED Bulbs.
Calex Spiral tubular LED bulbs
Image by MatthewWalder2019

First Impressions

The third fixture we had to design and by far the most challenging now graces the large void directly above the main entrance.
The fixture had to have impact but not take away from the unique onsite micro brewery directly adjacent to entrance foyer, also the light is visible from above via the first floor balcony area so had to be appealing from all angles
The result from the brief was a cuboid approximately 3.2 x 3.2 x 1.5 meters in size utilising 224 of our Calex Spiral tubular LED bulbs and constructed of steel tube in a grid formation.
Image by Industrial Glow 2019
The project was a joy to work on and a rare opportunity to let loose with our imagination with our bespoke lighting thanks to a very trusting client.
The projects final overall look was stunning with the designers doing a stellar job of combining a large variety of materials and textures to create a balanced interior which has a predominant industrial theme but somehow comes across softer and is more subtle than typical industrial installations.