BrewDog Outpost - Dockside in Dublin

Industrial Glow in the Emerald Isle

Being one of the biggest brewers in the UK, it was only a matter of time before BrewDog expanded outside of the borders and into Ireland when their Dublin Outpost was opened officially in November 2019. We were more than happy to help illuminate the interior with a wide variety of reclaimed, new and bespoke lighting.

Flowerpot Lighting 

20 Mustard VP1 Flowerpot Lights were installed to provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere just in time for Christmas, when the weather becomes less than suitable for an evening in the local beer garden. These lights compliment the wooden theme created throughout the room, creating an overall cosy interior that reflects the Outpost down to a tee.
Setting the mood for a room is vitally important if you want to create a good first impression for your customers. Long story short, it would be almost impossible to enjoy a pint in a dark and gloomy room! For this reason, warm lighting is immensely popular within the Bars and Pubs industry, and these Flowerpot Lights capture that positive feeling almost immediately.
BrewDog have a history of challenging normality and this is once again indicated through their choice of light. Typically, a more industrial style of lighting would be used for these kinds of interiors but the Flowerpot Light reflects more of a break from convention to embrace a more open, modern mentality that promoted peace and harmony.
As was the intention of its designer, Verner Panton. Among one of the giants of Danish design, Panton established a reputation for his use of bold colours and his tendency to experiment with new designs.
The use of his Flowerpot design is almost poetic in how it embodies the nature of its existence within the shop, and is unsurprising given BrewDog's willingness to go against the grain.

Rusted and reclaimed

On top of the flowerpot lights, we sent over 9 Extreme "Rusted" Industrial Pendants with Prismatic Glass. These lights were reclaimed from the former Eastern Bloc, and restored through our unique 'rusting' process which helps soften the typical intimidating nature of the lights in order to make them appear more welcoming for commercial use. These lights were also used within BrewDog's Manchester Outpost, helping keep a consistent look and feel between the two.

Custom Designs

And, as arguably the most ambitious part of the project, we were given the opportunity to design and manufacture a custom pendant light to hang from the open stair core within the bar. This was made up of 64 separate lights hung randomly between one metre and eight metres high.
The custom light stretches right through the middle of the stair core, and winds around as the customer makes their way upwards. The stair core is made of glass from floor to ceiling, and so cuts a striking figure even from the exterior of the building as it is visible from all around the outside of the bar.
This was truly a unique opportunity to stretch our creative muscles and create a piece of lighting appropriate for an extraordinary room in the Outpost. Being able to control most of the construction process through BrewDog's creative vision was a great accomplishment for us.


Unfortunately not all of the lighting that we have supplied during this project is currently available on our website, however if you are interested in any of the lights featured we would be more than happy to help in any way we can via our Contact Us page.